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Review of Chopra Training “Timeless You” Course
review of Chopra training course

Review of Chopra Training “Timeless You” Course

Having taken a lot of training courses over the years, I was curious what this course by Dr. Chopra, the alternatives to medicine guru, included.

The only way to discover if it was worth the investment was to jump in and at $67 it’s affordable.

One of the biggest surprises was that this was no ordinary video training course with PDFs.

It was obvious the training was designed by someone who understands human psychology.  The training mixes education delivered through text, video and audio and also includes exercises and participation activities that stimulate the brain to improve learning.

The first information I saw about the course was Chopra’s statement:  “Become the youngest, healthiest version of yourself!”

That sounded good.

But I was ready to see some proof.

chopra - each part leads to the next

The course was broken into small learning chunks so that I could spend just 5-10 minutes and learn something, then continue on if I wanted or return later.

This is a bonus for busy people who find it hard to stay glued to the computer for an hour at a time.

The course started with some text and a short video where Dr. Chopra began teaching about how to reverse your biological age.

The exciting part of the course came when I next took a survey to assess what I knew and learn what other people thought too.

The interactivity and ability to participate make learning much more interesting than just reading text and watching video which can get monotonous and boring.

Most of the segments include activities or simple exercises to practice what you learn.

You also have an opportunity to see how you and other people answered questions that were posed in the training.

Activities to Reverse Age

Activities to Reverse Age


Another nice thing about this course is the ability to see where you are at all times.

You can see in this picture that I finished 80% of this training session and the next step is waiting.  At this point you can exit or keep going.

If you revisit later the course opens up to where you left off.

Here you can also see it’s set up in sequence to make it easy to consume.

The next step in the evaluation was whether I actually learned something. Considering I spend enormous time reading research and studying mindset, natural remedies and alternatives to medicine, I was unsure this would meet the goal.

The answer is “YES” I did learn and moreover, it was interesting.

For example thought I’ve studied the effect of mindset and beliefs on the body, I never heard it put this way when Chopra talked about issues that affect us such as the ‘prison of conditioning’ .

He also includes easy to understand examples to help you understand.  The prison of conditioning causes us to get trapped into thinking and feeling old which results in our body responding to our belief by actually aging itself.  That’s proof that you are what you think.

One thing did make me nervous, however.

After finishing the first course instructions at the end said “sign up for course 2″.  My immediate thought, based on some not so good experience with other training programs that force you to fork over more money to get the rest is “What? I’m suppose to do more to get my course…Wonder if I will have to pay more?”

Not to worry.  I should have known, based on this man’s reputation for quality, that I need not worry about being duped.

I simply had to click the button and I was sent right in to the second course which started with ‘letting go of stress’.

How did it know ?

Bottom line:   Chopra delivers on this one.
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