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Reverse Aging Course
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Reverse Aging Course

If you have ever been interested in the mind-body connection you may have bumped into master guru Dr Deepak Chopra.
He is best known as the doctor who helped to establish alternative medicine as very real and scientifically proven treatment for many ailments.

This course has already attracted over 15,000 students. It’s of the quality you would expect from a master teacher and worth checking out.

Here’s a sample of the training.

Before we recommend anything like this I like to try it myself.

It was a very interesting and enlightening experience.

Read my review here.

The course is put together in modules that are easy to digest.

Within each module there are lessons, activities, exercises and even ways for you to connect with other participants and share strategies and opinions.

  • Course 1: Changing Perceptions  – Transform the way you age by shifting the way you think
  • Course 2: A Youthful Mind – Boost brainpower with curiosity, creativity and brain games.
  • Course 3: Healthy Relationships – Cultivate love and communication for a richer, longer life.
  • Course 4: The Mind-Body Connection – Increase your energy, enjoy better sleep and lower your stress.
  • Course 5: Mindful Eating – Renew your health and reduce illness with a fresh approach to food.
  • Course 6: Joyful Exercise – Reverse aging by creating a fitness plan you can stick to.

You can sign up for the course or get more information here.
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